Photo showing 3 whales swimming near Tickle Inn.

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L' ANSE AUX MEADOWS                                             

         World Heritage Site - Restored Viking settlement 

         Norstead - Replica Viking Village 

         Gaia Art Gallery





In front of one the sod huts at L'Anse aux Meadows.

Two Viking re-enactors at L"anse aux Meadows. Guides are very knowledgeable.

Axe throwing at Norstead Viking Replica Village, as Vikings did a century ago.




         Floral Ecological Reserve - Many unique alpine and rare plant species  

         Sea Caves 


                                   A Guide at Burnt Cape showing one of the extremely rare and very small wild flowers.     




         Wildberry Economuseum 


Walkway at Wild berry Economuseum - Many different Newfoundland wild berries grow here.



         Grenfell Historic Properties - Interpretation Centre, Museum, Handicrafts

         Shopping Center, Hospital - Jordi Bonet Murals



Standing by the statue of Dr. Grenfell, the medical hero, at the Interpretation Center in St. Anthony.

Large stuffed polar bear in St. Anthony.



         Beautiful scenery

         Boat tours to view whales, icebergs, sea birds

         Craftshops, Artisans, Abandoned communities, Hiking trails

Northland Discovery Tour boat passing by a gigantic iceberg

Mighty bull moose near Cape Onion. Moose are frequent along the Viking trail.

Miniature lighthouse station in Ship Cove.

Viking boat tour sailing near a shipwreck on an island near Tickle Inn.